Tam Dao national park

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Tam Dao is famous for its scenic attractions worth for your exploration such as Silver waterfall , Xa Huong Lake, Tam Dao National Park, Television Station tower, French Cathedral, Rung Rinh Peak…


Tam Dao National Park is based in the Tam Đảo range, which is one of the terminal spurs of a larger mountainous area in the Northwest region of Vietnam. It runs 80 km from north west to south east, and has more than 20 peaks with altitudes of over 1000m.
Tam Dao Summer Paradise


Tam Dao is a pretty beautiful Town lies at an altitude close to 1,000 meters above sea level, incredibly wonderful climate, beautiful scenery and culinary extremely unique. Rolled rice is a simple dish but it is the specialty of Tam Dao , so you should try once.

Tam Dao Town in Vinh Phuc Province, situated some 80 km from Hanoi, is a must-see destination for visitors to the country’s north.

In Hanoi, on clear days standing where are not entangled streets and trees, or looking through binoculars, we can be seen two dark green mountains bobbing above the skyline, seen the beauty of Tam Dao.
Fried chayote vegetables
Exotic Cuisine in Tam Dao