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Tam Dao National Park (Vietnamese: Vườn quốc gia Tam Đảo) is a protected area zone in North Vietnam. It was established in 1996, succeeding from the Conservation Forest Tam Dao which was formed in 1977. The park is about 85 km northwest of Hanoi.

Its exact location is at 21°21’ to 21°42’ North latitude, 105°23’ to 105°44’ East longitude. It spans a large area along the Tam Đảo range and administratively belongs to 6 districts and 1 city: Lập Thạch, Tam Dương, Bình Xuyên and the city of Vĩnh Yên of Vĩnh Phúc Province; Sơn Dương of Tuyên Quang Province; Đại Từ and Phổ Yên of Thái Nguyên Province.

Visiting Tam Dao is one of the best choice for day trips around Hanoi Capital and Tam Dao National Park is worth to explore. This website will be a useful guide for any travellers to Tam Dao. You can find all information including Accommodation, Attractions, Foods and Drinks, Tam Dao Information and Travel Guides.

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