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Foods & Drinks

Foods & Drinks

An Exotic Cuisine in Tam Dao

Beef still hot is hanging near ant’s nest in forest and then induce them to prick to help create distinctive flavor to dishes.
Dishes from chayote in Tam Dao

Dubbed as the oasis of chayote, dishes from chayote have become specialties of Tam Dao cuisine that are hard to find everywhere else. If...
Tam Dao Sticky Rice

Black sticky rice is required in Thanh Minh holidays of ethnic in Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc province. If family does not do black sticky rice on this occasion that is impolite to their ancestor.

Sometimes you have to travel in little time, but still do not want to ignore the unique cuisine experience. Top three following specialties are things you should definitely try though only time visiting Tam Dao in one day.

Tam Dao specialty - famous local dishes that you should try when doing your visit to Tam Dao mountains. Long time as a tourist destinations for locals, Tam Dao is famous not only for its places of interest but also for its local foods that you can try when doing a trip to Tam Dao. Here are some famous dishes that you should enjoy in your Tam Dao Tour.

Tam Dao is a pretty beautiful Town lies at an altitude close to 1,000 meters above sea level, incredibly wonderful climate, beautiful scenery and culinary extremely unique. Rolled rice is a simple dish but it is the specialty of Tam Dao , so you should try once.