Steamed rolled rice in Tam Dao


Tam Dao is a pretty beautiful Town lies at an altitude close to 1,000 meters above sea level, incredibly wonderful climate, beautiful scenery and culinary extremely unique. Rolled rice is a simple dish but it is the specialty of Tam Dao, so you should try once.

>>Sticky Rice of Tam Dao

Tam Dao – the land of many specialties

Rolled rice is a misspelled word, but to Tam Dao and hear people pronounce cute so, no one wants to fix. What point make this dish special here? That is the wonder of a lot people because we can find rolled rice everywhere. But you will have to think again if tried once bread wrapped in Tam Dao.

Early morning stroll on the small winding roads surrounded by vast green chayote, many visitors do not know what they should choose for breakfast. The specialities of Mountain are dishes like Lam rice, baked eggs, hill chicken … but follow the whispering of the locals, we should choose roll rice.

Famous specialties in Tam Dao

The attractions of steamed rolled rice in Tam Dao

Roll Cake in Tam Dao is affordable, ubiquitous. Only go into a small restaurant along the road one can serve you immediately. About appearance is not different with roll cake in lowland, but small shop owners tell tips, cake made of rice flour from rice cultivation on high mountains. Recipes are simple as the plain . Rice soaked and grinded into flour, when a client calls, just start out round coated by a layer of cheesecloth set over a pot of water to boiling. Sprinkle little lean meat and fried mushroom was made, quickly roll the cake into a long roll. each cake follow another go out, only a few minutes of waiting, you can taste a hot plate, attractive place right in front.

Just a bowl of sweet and sour sauce or chicken soup, fried eggs, boiled pork may be immediately breakfast, but people usually associate enjoying roll cake with pork skewer – delicious specialties great in the land of Tam Dao haze. This meat used are the original wild pigs hunted and farmed fencing in deep forest, very sweet and firm flesh.

Steamed rolled rice in Tam Dao via Bun cha Quang Binh

Thanks to eat vegetables, roots in Tam Dao hill pig not concerned incurring the problems of food safety. Pigs just killed, choose the best pieces of meat, sliced, mixed with spicy typical of the mountains, the bamboo skewers and grilled over charcoal fire brought up.

Roast meat were removed into several pieces and drop into the cup sweet and sour sauce, add some fresh peppers spicy, put each slice of roll rice, smooth aroma, flavor that hardly anyone wants to refuse.

if you have opportunity to Tam Dao with family, do not forget to try this dish with your lovers. i am sure that is unforgettable memory for you or your friends, family. you should make a plan from now.

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