Tam Dao – A destination for new couples


To start family- life, many couples have “booted” their marriage with a romantic honeymoon. After the wedding who are the newlyweds travel to enjoy wonderful moments in honeymoon, so as to “mark” memories when entering a “new-turning point”

>>Misty Tam Dao – an ideal getaway for tourists

And almost couple think that they will have a trip, but there’s no idea to make precious time be more valuable, meaningful instead of a boring vacation.

In fact, each person has their own views and the most important thing is where to travel. So, here are some tips for you when having the honeymoon in Tam Dao.

1. Enjoying the sunrise in Tam Dao

Not only the wild and fanciful of mountains in clouds, the rich flora and fauna system, the stunning French architecture, and the weather through year “wrapped” in a day of this place make tourists be more and more infatuated. The summer temperature in Tam Dao fluctuate 20 -22 0 C with four distinct seasons of the day: the morning’s dawn of spring weather, the midday is the brilliant sunshine of summer, the afternoon is the cool air of fall and the chilly night of early winter .Tam Dao attracts visitor most in the summer due to its cool climate, the interesting place to escape the harsh, unpleasant of flat country which is really the ideal place for couples to spend their wedding time.

Sightseeing in Tam Dao almost time pretty well, but especially at dawn. At the time, the mountain of Tam Dao is beautiful and romantic as a slow motion film. Couples can see wonderful sight together, listen the birds singing and enjoy the sunrise growing slowly on the horizon.

Tam Dao – A destination for new couples via Tam Dao National Park

2. Visiting and praying at temples in Tam Dao

Honeymoon is not only arriving to passionate places as resort or entertaining, but also going to pagoda to quiet- seeking. Ba Chua Thuong Ngan temple is the most famous spot of Tam Dao . According to legend, in the early 20th century, when the French discovered this beautiful valley, turned into a resting place for their officials, and make roads. At that time, there is a Vietnamese subcontractor who put money to build a Buddhist temple. According to the tradition of local people and some materials, this is the place to worship Ba Chua Thuong Ngan.

Praying in the Ba Chua Thuong Ngan – Tam Dao was very famous for the sacred. Going to Ba Chua Thuong Ngan considered a job ” new without strange” for many visitors especially new- married couples.

3. Tasting specialties in Tam Dao

Banh cuon in Tam Dao via Tam Dao National Park

How greater nothing is to be enjoyed specialties with your lover! Therefore, if you are intending to have a honeymoon with your partner in Tam Dao, you do not forget to enjoy the well-known cuisine mountains in here such as Chayote, hill pork, chit wine, and so on.

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