Tam Dao, a wild getaway near Hanoi


More than 70 percent of the 35,000-hectare national park is natural forest, and there are 20 peaks rising 1,000 meters or more.

>>Ascending into mist at Tam Dao

Tam Dao, a wild getaway near Hanoi

Tam Dao National Park in Vinh Phuc Province is around 85 kilometers northwest of Hanoi and is a summer retreat where you can just wander in the wild or challenge yourself with some mountain hiking. Visitors have to leave their vehicles at this parking lot three kilometers from the park.

The long walk is very rewarding when you come to a whole new world of fresh air, a lot of trees and perfect quietness. More than 70 percent of the 35,000-hectare park is natural forest.
From the entrance, there are various paths you can take to explore the park, including this through a bamboo jungle or this rocky path with a lot of vines along a stream. Many trees in the park blossom all year round. There is also a mesmerizing orchid area.

Tam Dao, a wild getaway near Hanoi

One of many giant old trees in the primeval forest. Many trees are covered in moss due to the high humidity in the park, which is shrouded in clouds and mist most of the time. Visitors can set up camps at several permitted spots. But you are not allowed to light a fire. And remember to clean up before leaving.
It might take a whole day if you want to conquer one of the peaks in the park, but the overwhelming scene will be your reward. There are more than 20 peaks with an altitude of more than 1,000 meters, with the highest being nearly 1,600 meters.

Natural condition

Tam Dao National Park is based in the Tam Đảo range, which is one of the terminal spurs of a larger mountainous area in the Northwest region of Vietnam. It runs 80 km from north west to south east, and has more than 20 peaks with altitudes of over 1000m. The highest summit is Tam Đảo North with an altitude of 1592 m. Three other peaks with beautiful scenery are Thien Thi at 1375 m, Thach Ban at 1388 m and Phu Nghia at 1300 m. Sharp peaks with sloping sides and numerous, deep partitions are characteristic of the topology.

At an elevation of 930 metres, Tam Đảo town was established by French colonists in 1907 as a tranquil hill resort in northern Vietnam. Several luxurious villas designed for the French still remain. It is now an enclave administratively belonging to Vinh Yen city.

Tam Dao, a wild getaway near Hanoi

The boundary of the national park is located at an altitude of 100 m around the Tam Đảo range. There is a larger buffer zone (which has area of approximately 535 km2) which surrounds the national park which has an altitude below 100 m. Seventy per cent of the area of the park is covered by natural and artificial forest. The natural forest is about 220 km2 and the human altered forest is about 30 km2.

Due to the tall mountainous range that splits the area into two parts, the national park’s climatic condition is divided into two areas with different rainfalls. This difference and some other factors such as the effect of human activity divide the park into some smaller climatic zones which increase the bio-diversity in the park.

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