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The touristic site of Tam Dao lies on the range of mountains which bears the same name, bordering the Northern side of the plain of Bac Bo. This mountain range stretches along 50 km in the Northwest-Southeast direction on the territory of two provinces: Thai Nguyen and Vinh Phuc. Tam Dao is not far from Noi Bai International Airport and lies on National Highway No2 that runs towards Hung Temple and, Viet Bac. The appellation “Tam Dao” (three islands) is due to the fact that the range of mountains has three highest mounts: Thien Thi, Thach Ban and Phu Nghia. From afar they look like three islands emerging from a sea of clouds.


At the beginning of the 20th century, the area on the Southern side of this mountain range was turned into a resort. This is a valley surrounded on all sides by rocky mountains. The valley is at an altitude of 900 m, crossed by a stream called Bac which supplies water to two swimming-pools constructed in the centre of the resort area and falls down through cracks into an abyss, forming the Bac Waterfall. From a height of 40 m, the falling water erodes the mountain walls and makes white foam similar to myriads of silver particles.

Travel online on TST Tourist – Tam Dao

The climate in Tam Dao is temperate and the average temperature there is 10oC lower than that in Hanoi. In the hottest day, the maximal temperature never exceeds 27oC. Clouds float here and there and sometimes come into your rooms through the windows. The streams meander under the green pine-trees. Tam Dao abounds in plants and flowers of temperate climate. There, you can see many bamboo suspension bridges over streams and abysses. Each day in this area, you can experience the climate of the four seasons. In the morning, it is rather cold like spring. At noon, it is hot enough for a bath in the Bac Stream. The afternoon is like autumn and you have to put on some warm coats. At night, the temperature is like that of winter and you must cover yourself with a thick blanket while sleeping.

Tam Dao is endowed with a lot of beautiful landscapes: the romantic combination of forests, streams and mountains; clouds driven by the wind; the sounds of the cascades echo far and wide, mingled with the songs of forest birds.

Tam Dao national park

In Tam Dao, there is a 19,000 ha-national park. Its forest resources are very diverse with 620 species of trees of woody and herbal families, 40% of which are oak-trees and beech trees. In particular, you can find here, as at Sapa”, pomu the considered a precious timber.

There are as many as 120 species of bird, mots of them are insectivorous and thus they contribute efficiently to the protection of forests. There are many kinds of pet birds with colourful feathers, such as oriole,, spotted pheasants, or those witli melodious singing such as nightingales, laughing thrushes.

Travel online on TST Tourist – Tam Dao

Wild beasts count about 45 species including such rare animals as tigers, panthers, bears, flying squirrels, black

Now Tam Dao chiefly serves as a summer holiday tourist site. As a result, the activities there have a clear seasonal character. Certainly, during their stay, visitors can enjoy the pleasure of visiting the Bac Waterfall and the television tower, climbing Thien Thi (Heaven Market) Mount, walking in the National Park, and buying small wild beasts such as tortoises, hedgehogs, squirrels, etc. for souvenirs

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