Traveling to Tam Dao – sightseeing through binoculars


In Hanoi, on clear days  standing where are not entangled streets and trees, or looking through binoculars, we can be seen two dark green mountains bobbing above the skyline, seen the beauty of Tam Dao.

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How to get there

In order to go to Tam Dao, people go along the asphalted road from Vinh Yen town into down of mountain. Winding following the steep and bendy path to dizziness in the shadow of the towering canopy of pine forest, close to the town look up the show right there three alpine ridges outstretched arms as inviting, like welcome. One of three mountain ridge has a skyward television tower, and a lot of people who shouted: Tam Dao here!

Traveling to Tam Dao – sightseeing through binoculars via Golden Holiday Travel


Yes, there are three high mountain embracing a valley with a lot of hotels and villas. Yes, Tam Dao, three prominent mountain island among the white clouds ocean. But once just left the main road about hundred meters away the west mountain side where has a dead- road leads into the jungle, A forest management pointing across a valley bending suction under the feet and explained that: three prominent mountain ridges named Thien Thi, Phu Thach Ban and means. That’s three mountains form the names of Tam Dao.

From the past until now, so many people are also mistakenly and also think that they know all about here after one or two time rent hotel room so as to sleep a night, enjoy the cool air, to watch the clouds drifting. More sophisticated, know how to find the way to the Bac waterfall to listen water howling and swim in the pool of cool water of the stream leading from the woods. The climax of the population is finding little dim pubs to whisper call some pork hill Tam Dao, wildlife offspring, plowing, as mole, pip banana drink with alcohol. What is deemed to know everything frequency accessibility, nothing to fret.

Traveling to Tam Dao – sightseeing through binoculars via My Tran travel blog

Night in Tam Dao

A night without moon and stars, sitting at the table with the young boy grown in Tam Dao and quietly listen to them talking. The first is the other person to the other person, then gradually into the surrounding dueling stories to tell his gift for strangers. A tall guy commented on the original ancient mountain snow tea which is about 1 hour away from the wine table, last year he followed his father to pluck about 3 kilograms tender tea leaves then dried and gave people as a gift. Other guy right interrupt, tea in the forest is well-known but the memory of last year, the tea pickers wrong. Snow tea tree had died from other years, after someone wanted to cut it. It is true that several years ago refused to go outside. Then comes the story of a foreign man in dark forest were lost for several days so that his wife and children have to travel to bring him come back their country. Yet ever quarrel finalization nor his Danish or Dutch, is lost three or five days. Listen as the story everywhere, perhaps a few more years behind the sink go smokescreen of busy life as Tam Dao mountains disappeared from sight of Hanoi people.

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