All experience when traveling in Tam Dao


Tam Dao Tourist summer will be a very interesting experience because you will feel the weather four seasons in one day, extremely cool. Here is some travel experience this summer Tam Dao.

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What season should we go to Tam Dao?

You can go to Tam Dao in any season of the year, because the weather in Tam Dao so ideal, you will easily perceive four seasons in one day here. Temperatures in Tam Dao temperature is always lower than in Hanoi.

During the hot hot summer day, the temperature is very high in Hanoi, you can enjoy their trip to Tam Dao, guaranteed to be great. If you arrive Tam Dao, Iam sure that you do not want to leave here and you will not catch black leather as other summer cruise.

All experience when traveling in Tam Dao via Tam Dao National Park 

What vehicles should we use to go Tam Dao?

Tam Dao resort is about 80 km away from Hanoi, you will take 2 hours from the capital to up to Tam Dao. You can select multiple vehicles to come up there:

Travel by private car: From Hanoi, you move along the Thang Long Bridge towards North Thang Long Noi Bai (way to Noi Bai International Airport), go approximately 25 km to the intersection between 2 Highway and AH 14 road Noi Bai Bac Thang Long, then turn left onto Highway 2 about 500 meters, turn to the highway Hanoi – Lao Cai around 25 km further, to the point of turning roundabouts Tam Duong commune, Vinh Phu, you’ll have to go toward 2B direction highway about 20km further away is the center Tam Dao resort.

Traveling by motorcycle: Similar to the way that private car going, however the way up from the foot of Mount Tam Island about 13km is a track, there are many crab folding Z-shaped sections, steep slopes so you need to go very carefully, do not ride station.

Going by bus: you out Dinh bus station, ride Hanoi – Viet Tri, Hanoi – Yen Bai, Ha Noi – Vinh Yen, about 50,000 fares, car to Vinh Yen city, then you catch a taxi or motorcycle taxi for Tam Dao (about 20km).

Travel by train: In Hanoi, you can go Hanoi – Lao Cai station or Ga Gia Lam Hanoi to Vinh Yen is down station, Hanoi – Vinh Yen fare about 35,000, then you motorbike or taxi and go in Tam Dao.

Going by bus: Catch bus number 58 (bus transit Hanoi -Long Bien) or 07 (bus Hanoi Cau Giay is transit  point) go to Linh plaza, began to car number 01 (bus Vinh Phuc) Vinh Yen to the bus station, then switch to bus line 07 going west of Vinh Phuc to go Tay Thien. in moving you should ask someone to show you the way go to Tam Dao early , then catch a motorbike or taxi driver to continue.

Depart from Hanoi to Tam Dao most convenient, fastest with people have no car, may be go by the bus Newway (xi tourist transport business in Hanoi), with two starting points is 32 Nguyen Cong Tru Street, Hai Ba referendum or 122 Xuan Thuy Street, Cau Giay. Vehicles depart at 6.30 am in the morning, afternoon at 3-4h. Booking by phone 04.565.4898, 04.976.3999, 04.565.1997, about 180,000 VN fare. Vehicles will put customer at the Tam Dao market, and also pick up them at there, very fast and convenient.

All experience when traveling in Tam Dao via Du lich sinh thai

Cheap motels in Tam Dao

At Tam Dao you have many hotels and guest houses from luxury to simple, accordance with your needs. Usually motels here cost about 200.000-400.000d / day. However, if you know a bargain and booking early you will choose the room like the cheaper prices.

Want beautiful views, you should choose hostel westward from central direction up, like Tam Dao star hotel, hotel Phuong Mai Van Anh Hotel, Hotel Red Diamond, Kim Lien Hotel, Resort Belvedere Tam Island … Here you can easily watch the entire city of Vinh Yen from above, or a scenic clouds and fog same identical front layer.

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