Guidance about reversing hotels in Tam Dao


Coming to travel season, Island tourism recently emerges as a new type of tourism which is a quiet, poetic and extremely romantic place. Besides, the selection of prestigious hotel suiting to the conditions of each people is also the concern thing; here is the information about the hotel in Tam Dao. You can refer to your most fun and economical trip.

>>The ideal resorts for holidays in Tam Dao

Belvedere Hotel in Tam Dao

Belvedere Hotel is about 3km away from the center of town next to Silver waterfall, near the golf course and Tam Dao National Park which has many rare animals and plants. Hotel Belvedere Resort is equipped with advanced facilities as well as extensive space, absent-style professional service and hospitality. Belvedere Resort promises to bring your unforgettable holiday. This is the Tam Dao hotel having the best quality.

Unlike other hotels in Tam Dao, Belvedere Resort has a prime location. It is located less than the town’s location. From Belvedere Resort, it is comfortable for guests to enjoy panoramic views from peaceful beauty to attractive valley. Furthermore, Belvedere Resort also brings moments of relaxation with special design of buildings, gardens to the swimming pool. Coming to Belvedere Resort, many visitors feel like being “Sentosa” resort in Singapore or The Datai Resort in Langkawi Malaysia. Thanks to the position of Belvedere Resort in the high location, the outdoor swimming pool makes tourists freely swimming and in harmony with nature. “Let’s Reserve in Tam Dao Belvedere hotel”

Belvedere Hotel in Tam Dao via Agoda

Huong Rung Hotel – Tam Dao

Huong Rung Hotel Tam Dao is located in the heart of Tam Dao Resort. The road to the hotel is quite spacious and perhaps park cars. The hotel brings a contemporary style with warm tones. This is a hotel in Tam Dao which has many good choices of tourists by a mid-range price, and the wonderful quality hotel.

Hanvet Hotel

Hanvet Hotel via Hanvet Hotel

This hotel is located on the most beautiful location in the town of Tam Dao. At an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, Climate always is cooler than Hanoi 4-50C. The hotel is leaning against the mountain seeing panoramic views of valley in Tam Dao. Hotels has more than 30 standard rooms 3 stars, conference room, dining room enough for 200 guests, karaoke service, cable TV, wireless internet, breakfast service and professional enthusiasm staff. From Hanvet hotel, you can visit the “Mau” Temple, “Ba Chua Thuong Ngan” temple, Truc Lam and many other sacred temples. Hanvet Hotel is about 80 km away from Hanoi (about two-hour drive). This is also a good suggestion when booking cheap hotels in Tam Dao.

If you have a tight budget, you may find the other hotels in Tam Dao, the average price from 200-300k. The rooms have air conditioned, television, refrigerator, free wifi and catering. You can easily find the hostel when coming to Tam Dao.

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