Hotel in Tam Dao


Located in the beautiful place, fresh air, cool climate, Tam Dao is popular holiday resorts of the Northeast.Tam Dao has not only a lot of chayote, but also hotel. However, if you travel schedule in Tam Dao for 2 days 1 night and just want to find an affordable hotel, but the quality and convenience in Tam Dao, perhaps somewhat difficult. Here is some quality hotel, nice, comfortable and reasonable price so that you can refer and select.

>>Guidance about reversing hotels in Tam Dao

1. Nhan Dan hotel

Nhan Dan is 3 star hotel with 21 rooms and basic amenities, free wifi. it is located away from the town center about 400m and the sight from hotel’s standing is very nice, almost balcony of all the rooms face towards the mountains that surround the hotel, … especially, if standing at the top floor of the hotel at night, you will see a shimmering and mysterious Tam Dao … Nhan Dan is surely one of the most nice hotel, quality and convenience. You should book room when traveling in the Tam Dao.

Not only that, to the Nhan Dan hotel, you are also participated in campfire, enjoyed specialty venison, vegetables chayote and karaoke singing in modern and luxurious rooms … the price of accommodations Vacation is also very reasonable, averaging from 300-400 / room / night. On holidays or weekends, the price may increase slightly and especially tenants could bargain room rates if booking early.

Nhan Dan hotel via Du lich dao Coto

2. Mela hotel

Located right in the heart of Tam Dao Town, Mela deserves a quality hotel, comfortable and clean in Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc.

With total of 25 rooms are designed in old colonial architecture, equipped with full amenities from satellite TV, air conditioning 2 way, hot and cold showers, refrigerator, lockers, basic toiletries, … especially ban wide public, can see the Tam Dao mountain panorama from your room, even in the early morning you can touch the fog and clouds.

The highlight of Mela is an outdoor swimming pool, you can swim or evening sightseeing and you can organize barbecue next to Pool is also interesting. Services such as meals, massage, karaoke, steam, … also very full and attractive.

There are 4 categories room in Mela, each with a different price, depending on the conditions and needs that you may choose 1 of 4. Prices range from 300,000 VND to 2,000,000VND / room / night .

Mela hotel via Agoda

3. Hoang Anh Hotel

As the only 2-star hotel appeared in the list of quality hotels, comfortable and reasonably priced at Tam Dao, Hoang Anh Hotel features a beautiful and convenient location: right in the center, near Silver Falls, conveniently to visit Ba Chua Thuong Ngan Temple, Vang Temple, parks and town market …

14 Hoang Anh hotel rooms are designed in modern style, clean and comfortable (with single, double and collective), all rooms have windows, luxury blankets, TV cable, hot water, air conditioning 2 way, free wifi and cafe, separate bathrooms, spacious … Additionally, the hotel also provides services such as specialties in Tam Dao, self-drive car rental , laundry, tour guides …. Overall this is a very cheap hotel with sensory criteria most affordable.

In particular, prices of Hoang Anh hotel is very suitable with the pockets of students and tourists: Average from 200.000-400.000VND / night / room.

Above is the quality hotel, comfortable, nice and cheap at Tam Dao. You can consult before booking and compare prices to suit the conditions and your needs.

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