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Tam Dao National Park with diversity of soil and climate has created different terrains and variety of ecological sub-regions… Therefore, the forest flora and fauna system here is very rich (about 2000 species of plant, 840 species of animal), many rare and endemic species.

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Tam Dao National Park proves its full potential value along with increase in investment of State, authorities and communities in the region should see the benefits and responsibilities in maintaining this valuable property.

Tam Dao National Park is located entirely in Tam Dao mountain range, a large mountain range of over 80km long, 10-15km wide running towards the Northwest – Southeast, in territory of three provinces Vinh Phuc, Thai Nguyen and Tuyen Quang. Tam Dao mountain range has more than 20 peaks of over 1000m high above sea level in which the highest ones is Tam Dao Nord of 1592m. The terrain here is characterized by sharp peak, sloping steep, deep and thick separation. Mount Tam Dao has long been covered by a thick layer of vegetation diversifying in species and biotic communities and ecosystems. The main factors contributing to this diversity include soil, climate…

At an elevation of 930 metres, Tam Đảo town was established by French colonists in 1907 as a tranquil hill resort in northern Vietnam. Several luxurious villas designed for the French still remain. It is now an enclave administratively belonging to Vinh Yen city.

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Tam Dao National Park is located in humid and tropical climate region. High and long running mountain range creating two distinct eastern and western slopes together with different annual rainfall have contributed to different micro-climate. This is also an important factor in creation of two tropical belts.

The differences in soil and climate among regions along with the impact of mankind have created different micro-climates in this area. This is the favorable condition to create a Tam Dao National Park covering by dense vegetation diversifying in species and biotic communities and ecosystems.

Despite being a fledgling national park (established in 1996), Tam Dao National Park has become a significant biodiversity research site of Vietnam. It is also an interesting destination for those who want to discover the nature.

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There are two sites for tourists in the park. The first is Tam Dao town which was established in 1907. Tam Đảo is nestled in a valley covering only 3 km2. There now remain a stone church, some villas and palaces built by French colonists. It has Thac Bac (The Silver Fall), Rung Rinh peak and Tam Đảo 2, a remnant of another resort built many years ago.

The second tourist location is Tay Thien site. It includes Tay Thien Quoc Mau Temple (literally The “Temple of East Heaven National Mother”) and many pagodas. Along with Thien Vien Truc Lam (literally: “Dhyana Palace in Bamboo Forest”) in Da Lat and Yen Tu, Thien Vien Truc Lam Tay Thien is a center of Vietnamese Buddhism.

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