Tam Dao overnight travel


Overnight camping travel is one of the favorite activities and prevailing in youth that has been prepared everything by themselves and has space for an authentic picnic.

>>Travel experience in Tam Dao

Many young people are interested in Tam Dao overnight activities, camping in the mountains, to enjoy the wild and pristine of nature.

2 days camping in Tam Dao is a fun and useful activity that is suitable for all of age. Thanks to camps, we can be friend with a lot of people and Shared many messages of love, mutual learning, build the solidarity and many unforgettable memories after the camps. At the camp, each person demonstrates their gumptions and talents for the program. Whether long day camp or a day camp, the camp program always helps campers exciting and nervous whenever taking part in a certain camp.

Remembering ask for permission of Tam Dao’s forest management board to get into the woods and camping in the mountains. Absolutely, compliance with the rules on the prevention of forest fires. No hunting of animals and cutting down trees illegally. If camping, you have to prepare tents, ropes, mats, sleeping bags, jungle knives, lighters, candles burning, pot, water boiler.

The attentions when traveling overnight in Tam Dao

Tam Dao overnight travel via Tam Dao National Park

1. Permission: The first thing to do that is to persuade your family to participate camping and show the relevant documents such as plans to camp, camp programs, and so on in order to make your family peace of mind and to get the information easily in an emergency.
2. Preparing for individually: Before going to camp we need to prepare carefully to ensure that the camp participants will have the best sense and avoid risks.
3. Health: go to bed early, get up early (preferably, getting up at 6 am and sleeping at 22 pm) to adjust biological clock accurately when take part in camp, we may go to bed early and get up well very soon in order to ensure the activities at the camp.
4. Body: If you are a boy, you need to have haircut, short nails and especially toenails before camp to ensure the shoes will not hurt your toes.
5. Spirit: Ignoring the bad things and trying to force the comfortable spirit, avoiding stress, making a plan for the trip, learning the professional skill with your friends.
6. Money: Preparing some money to take away when camping, avoid bringing too much money on a camping trip.
7. Suitcase: Checking items carefully before going camping. Although everything need to be inexpensive, must carry fully-used
You should bring your cloth at least as possible: for example, with 2 day camp, you only bring two sets of clothing and choose the thin,comfortable T-shirt and pants or shorts.
Cloth to join activities in camp: should choose clothes will fit in the camp activities but not required to wear uniforms. Ideally, polo shirt, neatly polite just cool.
Underwear: Bring the total number of day camps plus 2. For each day we must change our underwear to ensure hygiene and add 2 sets to avoid being caught wet clothes in the rain.

What to bring

Tam Dao overnight travel via Dich vu cho thue Thang Long
  • Individual stick: If camp has operation and exploring over 3km, we should equip each person a stick about 1m2 to fend off the move especially marching in forest or mountain climbing.
  • Cream, toothbrush, soap, towels, combs, toilet paper …: This is the personal items should not share (contagious disease), so bringing enough to use avoid the heavy backpack. Example, Toothpaste should buy small tweed, soap should also buy a small …
  • Camp’s items: Whistle Morse, Semaphore Flag, parachute cord 3m (2 fibers upwards), compass, writing, cardboard, markers of various kinds, A4 size types, Flashlight … Fully- equipped and the most things we need to be pencil. It is better if buy and buy many colors.
  • Raincoat: Should buy an individual raincoat (Raincoat plastic) to wear when going operation, it suddenly rain, or you can use raincoat as a blanket or something else.
  • Hammock: An indispensable in the camp, if the space is limited, we can also sacrifice out lying on hammock and especially it is very hot in tent. Individual tent: Each individual should equip a personal tent size 2m x 3m with full of canvas, poles, wires, hammer in order to stop overnight in camp or to cover rain when we are lying on the hammock in rainy days.
  • Versatile Knife: Very useful on a camping trip, if your knife has lots of function.
  • Sleeping bags: If the budget allows we can also equip a personal sleeping bag to stay overnight in the cold countries.
  • Eating utensils: drinking cup, spoon, chopsticks, cups, water bottles personal …
  • Personal medicine bag: preparing some headache medicines, abdominal pain … to serve ourselves and help our teammates.
    If sub-camp assign to bring something, just noted down and bought at home is available.

These are the experiences of people traveling in Tam Dao before leaving, is useful information for people passionate about traveling.

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