Tam Dao travel experience


Tam Dao destination are compared to Dalat or Sapa, with a position higher than 1000m create fresh air, cool all year round in Tam Dao. Tam Dao is the weekend destination traveling picnic, rest for travelers.

>>Tam Dao: Unforgettable memories in visitors’s mind

Vehicles to go Tam Dao

There are a lot of options for you. In addition to personal vehicles such as motorcycles, private cars. Guests can also go round-trip bus ride from Hanoi to Tam Dao price 180.000 VND / 1 guests. Hanoi – Tam Dao  by Neway its departure at 6.30 am at 32 Nguyen Cong Tru. return Hanoi from Tam Dao is 3pm – 4pm.


Tam Dao has many motels, hotels, so travelers do not need reservation in advance. Vacation prices with prices ranging from 150,000 VND / room / 2 people or more, the hotel 400-500 / room / 2 people. For example, some hotels for your reference as: hotels Phuong Trang 500,000 / day. Tam Dao Belvedere Resort room rates range from 68 to 250 USD …

Tam Dao travel experience


The food in the restaurants here have menu and prices. The food was prepared by specialties from mountain include chayote, hill chicken and hill pork. Guests can also eat at the hotel Phuong Trang …


Chua Van: It is a temple situated on the road to Tam Dao. Van Pagoda was started construction on September 4-3-2009. Van Son Tinh Tam Dao Institute usually hold monthly conference program.

Bac Waterfall hiding out mountain, sucked down a deep valley. Bac Falls pour white water into stream, glitter sun reflecting rainbow colors. A small stream flowed down from above drop in the spring wind, the wind, the sound of hearing sounds like the ancient language.

Rung Rinh peak: travel to Tam Dao not only for those who want to rest, if adventurous travelers go to Rung Rinh peak. Here trees, beautiful mountain scenery no worse elsewhere.

Old church of Tam Dao: built here in 1937, the church architecture from France. This is a very interesting tour, visitors stand on the church can see panoramic Tam Dao romantic nature.

Cong Troi: From ancient church of Tam Dao go straight the next turning left Heaven Gate. Standing on the Cong Troi overlooking the town of Tam Dao vague in the fog suddenly come and go we see extraordinary beauty of Tam Dao.

Tam Dao travel experience

Ba Chua Thuong Ngan temple: According to folk legend, Ba Chua Thuong Ngan is the first daughter of Au Co. Then there are other folk legend, that form is Princess Thuong Ngan La Binh, daughter of Son Tinh and Princess My Nuong. From a princess, thanks to the care and teaching directing all things, she was named Thuong Ngan. Guests steps to the temple not surprised by the pitch Buddha, Bodhisattvas, Arhat statue engulfed in fog, somehow magical, mysterious …

Television Tower: Located atop Thien Nhi, high at 93m versus mountain, so to visit the tower, travelers must come through quite strenuous, but in return the scenery along the way romantic and poetic.

What purchase as a gift when traveling Tam Dao? The specialty here is tops chayote. Chayote is grown throughout the year so you to Tam Dao season can buy chayote. You can buy chayote Tam Dao as a gift for friends and relatives, the price of chayote tops usually ranges from 15,000 – 20,000 1kg.

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