These regulations require when traveling on a motorcycle to Tam Dao


Traveling by motobike to Tam Dao is fun, special interests of young people today when intended outing in holidays.

>>What to do in Tam Dao?

1. What should team leader do?

Traveling to Tam Dao, need to assign someone to lead and lock the team: in principle, coordinate directions and speed of group (eg when section maximum speed limit) and when the leader should stop when refueling, changing clothes (rain, cold, heat), or other things. Also locker to ensure that no one is dropped behind and ensure delegation go with evenly spaced. When a person drop behind, locker need to wait him to run together to follow team.

2. Note for member

  • Check your vehicle before each trip: to ensure that it is safety.
  • The distance between the motobike: On the highway or high-speed sections, distance between vehicles is just about 50 meters (for vehicle speed while about 50-60km/h) to ensure safety.
  • When running up, speed will decrease and the car can go closer – about 20m – however, this time the car front and rear will go staggered to each other (like on two parallel lines, but not the way too far. Imagine like footprints left on the sand of yourself.
  • Driver have to be careful, make sure and have a sense of responsibility with schedule of the delegation

These regulations require when traveling on a motorcycle to Tam Dao via Du lich

3. Be careful when mountain passes:

  • Depending on the slope to return the number appropriately: 3, 2, 1
  • Do not ride station (Attila, SCR, LX, SH, PS, Nouvo, Mio, Click …), both harmful and dangerous when uphill as downhill.
  • The neccessary distance is 10m, if not will crash uninterruptedly when first motobike was crash. Especially when downhill.
  • Thus the overall test for motobike is essential. Especially brake after and front.

Finally, travel to Tam Dao motorcycles, each member always self-conscious: what can happen, each of us to always be careful, in addition to live because of his passion to live well for the joy of those around anymore, with so many people that their happiness is simply that we are healthy … Before venturing intoxication push us into a crazy and act a certain carelessness , think about who is going to cry if I do not return …

4. Do not exceed Car

  • Only pass left.
  • Turn on the left turn signal, horn continuously flashed and moved into the left side mirror of a car.
  • Wait until the cars have to give way signs recently reached. if not, continue to wait until it give way.
  • Be especially careful when exceeded super cars, container trucks. The body of this vehicle very long, formidable, strong wind suction, prone to tail brushed on.

These regulations require when traveling on a motorcycle to Tam Dao via Linkedin

5. Do not commit taboos

  • Absolutely not exceed delegation, except while the momentum up the slope, but after the uphill finish to reduce speed before the delegation to give instructions.
  • Absolutely not separated groups
  • Absolutely not swinging while traffic on routes
  • Issues behave, behave with locals, everyone knows what to do the best for themselves and for others.
  • Do not drink more alcohol in the leg break on the way (especially the lunch break leg, midway) or to affect the next day’s schedule.

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