What should you buy as a gift in Tam Dao?


Upcoming you travel in Tam Dao? You are wondering what to do to buy gifts for relatives and friends. Here are some famous specialties helping you to choose a gift for your trip in Tam Dao.

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1. The chayote in Tam Dao

Coming to Tam Dao, you can see this species is present everywhere. Chayote grows into a wanderous gantry on the slopes of mountains, very lush in front of doorstep and the two sides of roads leading into the town, you also see the immense blue of chayote. Chayote is not betrayal the caring of farmers in Tam Dao and so it has a strong resistance to prevent worms, insects and termites can not harm the tree. Therefore you can absolutely have peace of mind about the quality of chayote in Tam Dao.

Tam Dao’ chayote is widely favored from Consumers to the tourists. Here, the gantry of chayote is wide up to several acres with a lot of chayote. The bud of chayote is sold more expensive than its fruit. Families take advantage of all things as possible  such as slots, creeks, culverts to put bamboo on their surface to make gantry for chayote climbing. Here, people grow chayote in four seasons.

You can stir fry the bud of chayote with garlic, beef or boiled and dipped in garlic sauce is also delicious. When eating, you can feel the soft but crispy and freshness. You can buy Tam Dao chayote as a gift for friends and relatives, the price of chayote tops often ranges from 15.000 to 20.000 VND 1kg.

The chayote in Tam Dao via Vietnamtravelbudget.com

2. Hill chicken

With the sophistication of the chef in Tam Dao, chicken hill is processed into many dishes such as  roasted by salt, stew hill chicken, hill chicken roasted onions and fat… … added to this, also having a dish called wrapped and baked, but many people comment that this dish is not delicious due to its flesh too soft. however it is the combination of the heaven and earth ,so we still can accept.And you can buy as a gift for family, with 1 chicken wrap is priced at 250,000 VND.

3. Hill Pork

If your group includes 10 People, you absolutely can book a hotel or a restaurant 1 hill pig for all. The kitchen can be processed into lots of dishes like Steamed, grilled, cooked plum wine, pudding, fried or grilled … and Organized Into 1 buffet with barbecue and campfire. There is nothing happy like is it.

Over 10 People You can book 1 pig weighing about 6-8kg, 1kg pork in Tam Dao is priced at 300,000 and be prepared by the kitchen at all. If you want to fun with friends and barbecue is delicious ,you should do it by yourself or the restaurant can bake already for you always.

Ngu banana of Tam Dao via Phanxipang – WordPress.com

4.” Ngu” Banana in Tam Dao

Dubbed the “Dalat of the North”, Tam Dao is not only famous for the green chayote but also  for an unique specialty, medium luxury: Ngu banana

Formerly, banana very rare, only given for kings and nobles. Only Those Who Had once set foot on the land of Tam Dao have an opportunity to enjoy the Tam Dao banana.

Ngu banana of Tam Dao is only sold here if coming another place it was a gift, not a commodity. Characteristics of banana is very small. Commonly each one of banana only long as over a finger.

People are rarely sold Ngu banana bunch because it is not enough to eat. The different stem of banana is the different prices. There are some banana bunches is price only copper 30000-40000 and which is more beautiful right up to 200,000 VND.
people sell banana up to how nice of banana.

According to the gourmet travelers,you should get up early to go the market to buy banana because, at that time, there are many choices for you to get the most nice and delicious banche.

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